Member Protection

In 2008 the WA Football Commission (WAFC) undertook a review of its current member protection Policy with a view to make it more user friendly for everyone involved in football.

The review was an extensive process involving staff from the WAFC, Department of Sport and Recreation, Australian Sports Commission, WA Sports Federation and in conjunction with WA Football Volunteers.

The WAFC is committed to fair and safe play in Australian Rules football.

This Member Protection Policy aims to provide the best possible environment in which its members, service providers and employees including volunteers can excel and discharge their responsibilities to ensure the peak performance of all individuals, teams, competitions and programs.

The Member Protection Policy has been designed around five key pillars:

Each pillar will have its own booklet which will outline the relevant WAFC policies, best practices, document templates along with complaints handling and resolution practices.


Child Protection

  • Screening - for criminal history, including Legal, WAFC, District and Association requirement
  • Safe practices - common sense ideas, duty of care, risk management and child interaction guidelines
  • Policy and procedure - for reporting complaints or suspected breaches relating to legal and or WAFC Child protection policy

Health and Saftey

  • WAFC Policy Statement
  • Health - Mental, Physical, Obesity
  • Safety - Match day environments, Individuals, Duty of Care
  • Injury - prevention, management, referral
  • Substance Abuse - smoking, alcohol, drugs
  • Policy Documents - codes of conduct, Junior By-Laws, Senior By-Laws


  • Policy statement
  • Images - photo, video, ownership, distribution and usage guidelines
  • Databases - information usage, record keeping, guidelines for information distribution
  • Change room environment

Discrimination and Harrassment

  • Discrimination - direct and indirect
  • Harassment - sexual, racial, religious, ageist, disability and bullying
  • Victimisation - reporting procedures
  • Procedures - reporting, investigation, outcome and records

Inclusive Practices

  • Female - opportunities for participation, promotion
  • Disabled - opportunities to play, game modifications, and promotion
  • CaLD (Culturally and Linguistically Diverse) / Religious - opportunities for participation promotion
  • Game Day Environments - Player rotation policies, procedures and junior sport policy
  • Further information - reference and legislation