Freo Footy Skills (Intra Year 4/5/6 Boys & Girls)

Freo Fast Ball, Freo Kwik Kick and Freo Long Bomb are curriculum-based football activities that give students another platform to develop their skills.

By registering, teachers are provided with educational and promotional resources to assist in their implementation of these competitions.

  • Freo Fast Ball is a team handballing competition
  • Freo Kwik Kick involves students kicking in pairs over a short distance for three minutes
  • Freo Long Bomb involves students kicking a football as far as they can


  • 6 x synthetic footballs per school
  • Skills guide & lesson plan booklet for teachers
  • Fremantle Football Club team posters
  • Chance to win a Freo Footy Skills clinic for your school with Fremantle players

Schools are encouraged to nominate their top students to compete in the State Finals. 

Download the Freo Footy Skills manual

To register, please contact your local WAFC Development Staff Member

Enter your results through the online results form.

Freo House Footy (Year 7-12 Male/Female/Mixed)

Freo House Footy is a modified game (AFL 9s) that can be played as a male, female or mixed competition during any school term or incorporated as part of your AFL physical education program.

Download the Freo House Footy Guidelines

All schools to register will receive:

  • 4 x synthetic footballs
  • 1 set of portable goal posts (first 50 new schools to register)
  • 36 bibs (sets of 9) in school faction colours for the first 50 new schools to register only!

For registration or any further information, please contact your local WAFC Development Staff Member

This program is partnered by the Fremantle Football Club.

Fremantle Dockers Fans and Community

The Fremantle Dockers Fans and Community program focuses on the development and delivery of a range of exciting and innovative programs aimed at primary school aged children. The programs offer tangible benefits through learning in a fun and participative framework and importantly all programs are linked to the WA Curriculum Framework. Click here for more information.

2024 Freo Skills 4 Schools Handbook

Eagles Faction Footy (Year 4/5/6 Boys and Girls)

Eagles Faction Footy is an intra-school program which offers students the opportunity to learn the skills of footy in a fun, safe environment with friends from their own school faction.

This non-contact program is ideal for physical education lessons or lunch time competitions. Schools can run competitions during any school term using AFL 9s, modified or student-derived rules with points going towards the school’s faction shield/trophy.

Download the Eagles Faction Footy Rules

Download the Eagles Faction Footy Scorecard

Download the Eagles Faction Footy Tournament Bracket

Download the Eagles Faction Footy Participant Certificate

How do I get my school involved?

Please contact your local WAFC Development Staff Member

All schools to register will receive:

  • 4 x synthetic footballs
  • Online certificates for all participants
  • 36 bibs (sets of 9) in school faction colours (First 100 new schools to register only!!)
  • 1 set of portable goal posts (first 100 schools)
  • Chance to win an Eagles Faction Footy clinic with West Coast Eagles players 

Students can run this competition using the AFL SEPEP model.

This competition is partnered by the West Coast Eagles.

Eagles in the Community

The West Coast Eagles provide a range of programs for primary school children, including the Eagles Rock my School and the Access All Areas competition and the ever popular Eagles Cup. The strong emphasis on education helps ensure the success and relevance of these programs.

With Kicking Goals and a new High Schools program in development, all sectors of WA schools are well catered for. Click here for more information.