Female - Umpire

As the game continues to grow in Western Australia particularly in the female space, the game needs more female Umpires to take up the role to support that growth.
Umpiring provides females several opportunities to get involved in community football with pathways to progress your Umpiring into state level competitions.
So, take control, whether you are a current player, former player or never played the game before Umpiring IT IS for everyone!
Now, if being in the middle making all the big decisions as a Field Umpire isn’t your thing but you still want to be involved, you can pursue Boundary or Goal Umpiring instead.

How you can begin your Umpiring pathway:

Umpire Your Way – First Bounce Courses 
Umpire Your Way is a female only program designed to deliver the basic skills required to undertake the role as an Umpire in community football. These practical sessions will include indications, positioning, decision making and teamwork that all crucial elements for Umpires. Umpiring is for everyone and is a great way to keep fit, get paid and make new friends. 

Umpire Your Way Academy:

Welcome to the Umpire Your Way Academy - a new and exciting initiative dedicated to empowering women, girls and non-binary Umpires in Western Australia. Our Academy offers a series of in-person connection and knowledge sessions, coupled with Umpiring-related experiences designed to foster a supportive and fun learning environment.

Recognising the unique challenges faced by female and non-binary Umpires, our goal is to provide a space where participants can build skills, connect with industry professionals, and share experiences. Join us on this exciting journey to redefine the Umpiring landscape. Be a part of Umpire Your Way Academy and Umpire on your terms!

Umpiring Resources Available to help start your Umpiring journey:

  • Search “Umpiring WA TV.”

 For more information CLICK HERE or email umpiring@wafc.com.au

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