Gender Diversity Policies

The National Gender Diversity Policy outlines the WAFC and AFL’s position in respect to the participation of transgender and non-binary people in Australian Football competitions. The WAFC and AFL recognise that Australian Football is not just a sporting game. Australian Football is a beloved game that plays an important role in bringing families and communities together.

The WAFC and AFL are committed to the inclusion of gender diverse people in our game. The WAFC and AFL intend that gender diverse players who are registered to play football are supported in doing so in a safe and inclusive environment. Harassment and discrimination of gender diverse players engaging in Australian Football at any level must not be tolerated and will be handled in accordance with the applicable rules and regulations of the relevant Australian Football competition.


Download the policies and information below: 

Gender Diversity Policy (Community) - AFL Community Football GDP

Gender Diversity Policy (Elite) - AFL Elite Football GDP

Gender Diversity Policy (Elite) Application Form - Application Form  

Gender Diversity Policy FAQs - AFL GDP FAQs