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KIA WAFL State Team NamedSaturday, May 18, 2024 - 9:30 AM

Nine players will make their debut for the KIA WAFL State Team against SANFL in tomorrow's 99th KIA State Game.

KIA WAFL State Coach Cam Shepherd has finalised his team who will be looking to regain the Haydn Bunton Jnr Cup.

The game will commence at 12.45pm ahead of the West Coast Eagles v Melbourne clash.

Gate D at Optus Stadium will be opened early for fans to enter from 12.30pm, all patrons must hold a valid ticket to the West Coast Eagles v Melbourne match to enter Optus Stadium for the KIA State Game.

The match will be live-streamed on the AFL Live Official App and


BACKS    (7) EARDLEY, Cam    (1) JUPP, Matthew ©    (3) WRIGHT, Stan        
H/BACKS    (4) PARKER, Matthew    (13) ROGERS, Bailey    (15) CLARK, Greg        
MIDFIELD    (12) HAGAN, Jed    (6) ROKAHR, Nik    (8) SELLWOOD, Michael        
H/FWDS    (20) RUSCOE, Trey    (18) SOKOL, Ben    (5) SCHUMACHER, Angus        
FORWARDS    (9) SCOTT, Angus    (30) BLIGHT, Jacob    (2) MURDOCK, Milan        
FOLL    (27) EASTLAND, Oliver    (23) TURNER, Jesse    (22) CHALCRAFT, Jye        
INT    (28) TEAKLE, Brynn    (29) KEITEL, Tyler    (26) PEARSON, Chad    (10) GUADAGNIN, Zac    (11) TURNER, Fraser
EMG    (16) CROWDEN, Mitch    (31) MacCREADIE, Harrison    (24) SEARS, Jack        
NEW: Stan Wright, Jed Hagan, Nik Rokahr, Michael Sellwood, Trey Ruscoe, Jacob Blight, Jye Chalcraft, Brynn Teakle, Fraser Turner.



F: (12) Baynen Lowe, (28) Mitch Harvey, (13) Aiden Grace

HF: (2) Eamon Wilkinson, (20) Connor McFadyen, (17) Luke Reynolds

C: (11) Harrison Wigg, (10) Joseph Sinor, (6) Casey Voss

HB: (21) Chris Curran, (25) Tom Donnelly, (15) Luke Beecken

B: (19) Will Coomblas, (26) Brinn Little, (18) Jez McLennan

R: (30) Amos Doyle, (14) Mitch O’Neill, (16) James Rowe

INT: (4) Billy Cootee, (8) Corey Lyons, (27) Riley Holder, (7) Matt Ling, (5) Campbell Combe

NEW: Aiden Grace (Central), Connor McFadyen (Sturt), Tom Donnelly (Norwood), Luke Beecken (Eagles), Brinn Little (Central), Amos Doyle (Sturt), Billy Cootee (Norwood), Riley Holder (Glenelg), Matt Ling (Norwood)