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WA Footy First for Budding Female Umpires Tuesday, February 20, 2024 - 3:42 PM

Highly respected AFL Goal Umpire Sally Boud and AFLW Field Umpire Gabby Simmonds have provided their expertise and experience as part of a West Australian Football Commission initiative. 

“Umpire Your Way Female First Bounce” was launched on Monday night at Ernest Johnson Reserves in South Perth, attracting 25 participants in a first for WA. 

“Umpire Your Way” is a female only program designed to deliver the basic skills required to undertake the role as an umpire in community football. 

These practical sessions include indications, positioning, decision making and teamwork that are crucial elements for umpires. 

Boud, one of the coaches at the launch, believes the Umpire Your Way program has many benefits. 

“Umpires were given education in all three disciplines including Field, Boundary and Goal officiating,” she said. 

“There was terrific feedback from the participants, and everyone learnt something which was a priority. 

“It’s important to run these all-female events to continue to promote the opportunities which football offers.? 

“Umpiring is for everyone and is a great way to keep fit, get paid and make new friends.” 

In a positive sign for the program, there have been over 40 females register for the “Umpire Your Way” initiative. 

The second session will take place on Monday, February 26 at Ernest Johnson Reserve.          

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