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Recruiting rules finalised for West Coast WAFL teamTuesday, November 27, 2018 - 3:09 PM

The West Australian Football Commission, in consultation with the WAFL Clubs and West Coast Eagles, has finalised details regarding Total Player Payments and Players Points allocations for West Coast’s WAFL team in 2019

WAFC Executive Manager Talent and Football Operations Scott Baker said West Coast would be required to adhere to agreed recruiting conditions in building their top-up list with the aim of being competitive without becoming too dominant in the WAFL.

“The development of these Rules and Regulations has been undertaken in the best overall interests of the WAFL competition to maintain a competitive balance,” he said.

“We have taken a close look at the rules and regulations for AFL stand-alone reserves teams in the SANFL and VFL and will review the rules again mid-year and at the end of the 2019 season to make any adjustments that are required

“The intention is for West Coast to develop a top up list that compliments their AFL-listed players without unduly impacting the current WAFL Club player lists.

“It is also important to note that West Coast will not have a Reserves or Colts team in the WAFL so all young AFL recruits and Category B Rookies that may not have previously played football at this level, if at all, will be required to play in the WAFL League side. Therefore, they will require some experienced top-up players to ensure they are competitive.”

West Coast’s top-up list will include a minimum of 15 players across nine recruitment categories to a maximum value of 60 points under the WAFL’s existing Player Points system.

Categories include retired or delisted West Coast Eagles or AFL players, interstate players, former WAFL players, community football players, or non-protected WAFL players from other clubs, capped at two players per club.

Player match payments will also be capped to ensure that West Coast has Player Payment and Points restrictions scaled in comparison to the nine WAFL clubs to establish the best possible competitive balance.

West Coast may also enter discussions with WAFL clubs to loan up to one player from each club per season and will release any WAFL player they select in the Mid-Season AFL Draft back to their respective WAFL Club if they aren’t selected to play AFL.

Recruitment Categories




 Former WCE Interstate players

 No Restriction

 5 points per player

 Former AFL Interstate players

 No Restriction

 10-12 points per player as per WAFL   player points system

 Father/ Son & NGA

 On application

 1 point, player on loan

 Former WAFL League players

 No Restriction

 - 24 months after last WAFL game,   players are
 considered 1 point
 - Value of former AFL players are halved   after 24 months
 - Less than 24 months incurs a
 points value as per WAFL player points   system

 Interstate State League players

 No Restriction

 10 points per League player as per   WAFL player points system
 5 points for Reserves and Colts
 1 point for interstate Community players

 41 – 55 WAFL Listed players

 Cap of up to 2 players per WAFL   club

 1-10 points as per WAFL player points   system

 WCE WA Delisted AFL players

 No access to players 6yrs or less.
 Cap of 1 player per WAFL Club

 1-12 points as per WAFL player points   system

 Loan system for WAFL players

 Max of 1 player per club.

 1 point, player on loan

 Supplementary Listed players

 No Restriction

 1-12 points as per WAFL player points   system