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Male National Diversity Championships Fixtures and ResultsTuesday, April 17, 2018 - 11:40 AM

WESTERN Australia’s State under 15s Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander team were crowned Kickstart Champions at Blacktown International Sports Park in New South Wales after remaining undefeated throughout the Under 15 AFL National Male Diversity Championships this month.

The WA All Nations team, led by Head Coach Craig Wilson, made it through to the All Nations Semi-Final after winning six of the seven games played. The team fell short in the Semi-Final clash against Victoria 2.2 (14) to 10.7 (67).


Round 1
WA 6.4 (40) def NT 0.1 (1)
Goals: Lawson Humphries 2, Dallas McAdam 1, Kendyll Blurton 1, Brendan Bin Omar 1, Richard Farmer 1
Best players: Toby Henry, Kendyll Blurton Cade Bolton
All Nations
WA: 7.10 (52) def QLD: 1.1 (7)
Goals: Roan O'Harir 2, Ethan Regan 2, Josh Francis 1, Travis Moore 1, Mostafa Noori 1
Best players: Ashwin Malik, Ethan Regan, Josh Francis

Round 2
WA 4.3 (27) def Tas 1.2 (8)
Goals: Toby Henry 2, Richard Farmer, Cade Bolton
Best Players: Brock Vulich, Richard Bartlett, Simon Mason
All Nations
WA 5.4 (34) def Tas 2.7 (19)
Goals: Roan O’Harir 2, Mostafa Noori, Riley Colbourne, Ashwin Malik
Best Players: Ashwin Malik, Menno Inverarity, Kai Holmes, Mostafa Noori, Ethan Regan

Round 3
WA 6.4 (40) def NT 0.1 (1)
Goals: Brandon Eades 2, Tyler Pizzola 2, Blake Pickett, Dallas McAdam, Richard Bartlett, Brendan Bin Omar, Brock Vulich, Cole Agnew, Jermaine Pickett
Best players: Toby Henry, Xavier Wright,  Brandon Eades
All Nations
WA 10.7 (67) def NT 0.0 (0)
Goals: Bonnie Cubahiro 2, Saxon Gates 2, Mostafa Noori 2, Menno Inverarity, Josh Francis, Seth Connor, Jordan Sutton
Best players: Ethan Regan, Seth Connor, Nasman Donovan, Mostafa Noori, Saxon Gates

Round 4
WA 14.9 (93) def NSW/ACT 1.1 (7)
Goals: Richard Farmer 4, Wesleigh Hatch 2, Blake Pickett 2, Tyler Piazzola 2, Brendon Bin-Omar 1, Brandon Eades, Kendyll Blurton, Dallas MaAdam
Best players: Richard Farmer, Dallas McAdam, Cole Agnew
All Nations
WA 4.6 (30) def SA 2.4 (16)
Goals: Ethan Regan 3, Mostafa Noori
Best players: Mostafa Noori, Ethan Regan, Nasman Donovan, Travis Moore, Josh Draper

Round 5
WA 12.3 (75) def VIC 0.1 (1)
Goals: Brandon Eades 2, Richard Farmer 2, Simon Mason, John Yates, Sidney Roberts, Lawson Humphries, Cade Bolton, Kendyll Blurton, Cole Agnew, Dallas McAdam
Best players: Blake Pickett, Richard Farmer, Toby Henry
All Nations
WA 5.1 (31) def VIC 8.2 (50)
Goals: Riley Colbourne, Roan O’Harir, Seth Connor, Josh Francis, Ethan Regan
Best players: Seth Connor, Josh Francis, Menno Inverarity, Ethan Regan

Round 6
WA 4.5 (29) def SA 2.2 (14)
Goals: Michael Wall, Brandon Eades, Blake Pickett, Brendon Bin Omar
Best Players: Cade Bolton, Blake Pickett, Tyler Piazzola
All Nations
WA 5.6 (36) def NSW 1.3 (9)
Goals: Bonnie Cubahiro 2, Riley Colbourne 2, Ethan Regan 
Best Players: Riley Colbourne, Mostafa Noori, Jacob Hristianopolous, Menno Inverarity, Kai Holmes

All Nations Quarter Final
WA 7.6 (48) def QLD 2.2 (14)
Goals: Roan O'Hehir 2, Travis Moore 2, Ethan Regan, Saxon Gates, Mostafa Noori
Best players: Riley Colbourne, Saxon Gates, Oliver Tough, Travis Moore, Tyler Thomas

Kickstart Semi Final
WA 9.7 (61) def NT 0.1 (1)
All Nations Semi Final
WA 2.2 (14) def by VIC 10.7 (67)
Kickstart Grand Final
WA 5.8 (38) def SA 4.2 (26)