History of WAFC’s Education Partnership

  • WAFC’s strategic intent is to increase participation
  • School system seen as key area to achieve this outcome
  • Formation of WAFC Education Advisory Group to enhance the partnership
  • Partnership paper was produced with the key message;


The vision is to create a proactive, sustainable and mutually beneficial partnership between the WA Department of Education and Training and the WA Football Commission in order to ensure that Australian Rules Football becomes a medium by which all girls and boys are engaged in safe and well organised physical activity focussing on health, well-being, nutrition, teamwork, enjoyment, social development, confidence, self-esteem and academic achievement.


  • To provide resources to improve the social, academic, physical and emotional outcomes for all students
  • To provide male and female role models
  • To ensure school staff are motivated, confident and sufficiently skilled
  • To develop employment and participation pathways for students
  • To ensure that Australian Rules Football is seen by all as a highly suitable sport

Foundation Strategies

  • The appointment and training of a schoolteacher “Football Ambassador” (AFLSA)
  • To develop programs and curriculum materials
  • Provision of footballs and equipment to the school
  • Guaranteed visits by AFL, WAFL and Community players to every AFLSA school
  • Deliver the programs through a “Football Development Cell”


  • Western Australian School children enhanced fitness, health, physical skills and well being
  • Teachers report Male Students more actively involved in classroom activities
  • Teachers report curriculum materials and support programs are effective, motivating and relevant
  • Greater involvement by Ethnic and Aboriginal students
  • A strong, sustainable and mutually beneficial partnership between Education and the WAFC

Expectations of Role

  • AFLSA to be a strong promoter of football in the school, especially how relatively safe football is.
  • Be an advocate for football programs in school.
  • Implement AFL Education package in schools
  • Professionally develop other staff members
  • Ensure participation of the school in all football programs
  • Be an active “Team” member of football “cell” in the district
  • Contact person for Junior Community Club
  • Promote junior registration day
  • Inform P & C group at a meeting
  • Promote school holiday coaching clinics
  • Promote school football in the Media
  • Ensure there is a Football in every classroom
  • Ensure there are goal posts on oval
  • Involve WAFL and AFL role models in literacy and numeracy activities
  • Include football activities in daily fitness and athletic carnivals

Support for Football Ambassadors

  • WAFC to provide;
  • Curriculum materials
  • Professional development
  • Ongoing assistance from WAFC personnel eg Development Officers
  • WAFL Club’s to conduct Educators’ Days
  • Equipment for PE activities
  • Regular communication
  • Junior & Senior Community personnel to assist the teachers

Rewards & Recognition

  • Formal appointment letter and certificate
  • AFL & WAFL tickets and functions
  • Acknowledgements in publications
  • Specific website for recognizing AFLSA Best Practice